Tilt-down opening for linear glasses - NEM 155
System 155

  • Tilt-down opening system for flat glass 6mm or double glass 18mm
  • Suitable for flat glass or “L” shaped glass (R20 – 90° corner)
  • Glass can be fixed using glass-clamps screwed onto the mechanics or through a front wood panel that will be openable
  • System gives the possibility to remove the front glass or paneling in only two simple operations that can be made by only one persons in a few seconds. This feature makes this product extremely useful in case of ordinary and extraordinary operations, making them easy, safe and fast
  • The minimum esthetic impact and the high technology used for the system engineering makes this product very appreciated
  • Good solution for deli cases, ice-cream and pastry shops. It can be easily installed on no-food cases, small shops and big distribution