About us

NEM srl is present since 1981 in the large, medium and small distribution market, thus specializing with determination in design and supply of aluminum systems for the glass opening of showcases, refrigerated display cases, hot display cases, self-service, neutral and non-food.
From January 2015 NEM srl has also expanded its production, by inserting the new trademark LOGIK DOORS™, doors for positive temperature cabinets.

The wide range of NEM products in the catalog, allows to satisfy the widest possible range of customers, by responding with attention to every need of use, design and price. The NEM srl solutions, in fact, allow wide applications, from large distribution which requires the use of simple and versatile systems designed to satisfy the needs of strong product-stress caused by everyday use, to the small stores (such as for example pastries, bakeries and ice cream shops) where the functionality must be appropriately accompanied by greater sophistication and aesthetic design that gives the products an easy fitting on luxury furniture where the aluminum-glass and wood combination must be made up solely by shades.

All this factors allow NEM srl to be present in international markets, where NEM products are used in over 30 countries worldwide.
The products NEM srl are developed and designed by a highly specialized staff, which work in collaboration with the final customer during the study of the system, thus orienting to the utmost satisfaction, hitting the intended targets and any required customization needs.
The products NEM srl so designed and manufactured are highly appreciated for its design, functionality and high quality, resulting not only by careful control during the production processes, but by a global screening that starts from the prototype phase and continues until the final phase with the quality control before shipment.


Integrated quality policy

Quality Management System is our tool to be competitive with modern companies WHICH ARE  already equipped with its own quality management system. It is also the main incentive for the involvement of the staff and improvement of  its processes. NEM bases the operational choices on concepts of:

  • Market needs,  customers and other parties’ expectations, trying to continuously improve the service / work performance;
  • Execution of its activities in compliance with the commitments made and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, as well as with national and international standards;
  • Competitiveness of its services, offered at competitive prices and at a cost that makes a profit for the company by reducing the overall operating costs.

This is pursued by the entrepreneurial vision of the company’s Management, through the coordination of the company’s general aspects policy (personnel, financial, commercial, investment, etc.) and making available the necessary resources.
Specifically, the company practices and will practice with systematic conviction and with the participation of all its staff the achievement of the following general objectives:

  • define the necessary measures to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and applied at all company levels, trying to aim at all the same corporate objectives;
  • increase the satisfaction of the interested parties (property, customers, employees, external parties), focusing on improvement
  • achieve an increase in profits by a reduction in costs through a more efficient production process management
  • maintain and increase staff’s performance 
  • Making sure that the explicit and implicit contractual commitments are fulfilled by obtaining a high level of reliability of the works, compliance with the time required for implementation and the execution of the same "rules of art", an efficient order organization through a systematic planning of activities both from an electrical and planning point of view
  • optimize the management of the instrumental resources
  • measure and periodically check the effectiveness of the company’s quality management 
  • aim at actions to prevent the "non-compliance"
  • manage and monitor / analyze the general economic situation and individual orders
  • aim at the Quality certification and its maintenance over time

The achievement and maintenance of these objectives will be guaranteed through adequate planning, the allocation of resources and through systematic control of the activities.
By achieving these objectives, we intend to create a company that is strongly focused on its customers, increase its effectiveness on the market and make customer satisfaction is the differentiating factor.

The specific objectives will be annually defined  by the Management and disseminated to all staff.

  • To not just sell products, but solve customer problems in a timely and professional manner
  • Respect the binding legislation concerning the product, the environment and the health and safety of workers.
  • Systematically improve the produced products, defining measurable objectives and related indicators and targets.
  • Improvement of the environmental and safety performance in the workplace (aluminum mechanical processing and assembly / handling), reducing environmental impacts (consumption of raw material, noise pollution, emission of polluting substances), accidents and dangerous situations in general.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction by systematically measuring it.
  • Systematically analyze the non-compliance causes (of product / service, environmental and health and safety), in order to implement effective solutions, preventing their recurrence and reducing the number of accidents and of any occupational disease.
  • Use systems and materials meeting the workplace safety conditions and assuring workers' health and safety.
  • Aim for employee satisfaction
  • Define product and material’s environmental requirements over time allowing to be more competitive
  • Investing in the company's energy savings
  • Investing in the final customer’s energy savings