Lift up opening for linear glasses - NEM 013
System 013

  • Lift up opening system for glass 6mm
  • Suitable for "double curve" glass (Panorama) or "L" shaped glass (eg: glass R20 90 °)
  • Thanks to the rear upright and to the glass clamp position, this system provides maximum visibility of the product
  • The gas springs for glass opening control are installed inside the upright giving a clean and linear aesthetic impact
  • The uprights can be opened from the back allowing an easy access to the gas springs and cablings.
  • Possibility of installing intermediate shelves at the requested height
  • LED light canopies available
  • The simplicity of the components of this system, which allow a considerable containment of costs, makes it easily adaptable to multiple needs, ensuring quality, technical reliability and aesthetics
  • Suitable for butchers counters, fishmongers' shop, delicatessens