Tilt-down opening for linear glasses - NEM 078
System 078

  • NEM srl patented
  • Tilt-down glass opening system for single glass thickness 6/8mm
  • Possibility to keep a 90° fitted vertical position of glass avoiding any screwing system or bulky brakets on the top of glass
  • Minimal esthetic that gives a wide space to the glass component matching in this way the most recent Markets requests
  • Equipped with mechanical settings for the perfect vertical alignment of the glass after installation
  • The friction between opening clamp profile and base profile is settable through a simple screwing device
  • The clamp profile complete with glass can be assembled from the front part of the counter in order to obtain an easy and quick installation and removal in case of canalization
  • The system can be installed using more clamps hanged on a structural continuous base profile
  • The total opening of NEM 078 system is 45° wide, the widest of its category
  • In opening position the complete clamp complete with glass is amortized by a special gasket situated in the bottom part of the structure
  • Equipped with price tag seat all along the base profile
  • Ideal for pastry, bakery, seafood and deli cases; its versatility let it be assembled on the most different units, whether hot, cold or neutral temperature