Lift down opening for flat linear glasses - NEM 071
System 071

  • The smallest solution for tilt forward opening systems with reduced section of 35x35 mm, for 6/8 mm glass. Equipped with an interference closing system with adjustable closing strength and angle.
  • The new system NEM 071 reflects the needs of many interior designers: that is to have a glass opening system as small as possible and perfectly functioning.
  • Beyond the reduced dimensions, the system NEM 071 is equipped also with an interference closing system, adjustable both in closing strength and inclination, to satisfy any requirements.
  • The base profile is predisposed with a price tag housing and with a seat for adding an electric anti cut resistance to warm up and reduce condensation problems.
  • The perpendicularity of the glass can be regulated thanks to apposite plastic adjusters, in order to align perfectly a multiple glass cabinet.
  • The system NEM 071 is fixed directly on the top of the cabinet surface or in the dedicated housing, if present on the cabinet, ready to be used both with 6 and 8 mm glass.
  • Thanks to its reduced section of 35x35 mm, the new system Nem 071 provides the best solution for small glasses with the minimum visible impact possible.
  • The smallest solution for tilt forward opening systems, is now available, in silver and black anodized finishing, ask for a sample to discover it properly.