Hinged doors - serie P93
System P93

The P93 serie is recommended for the application on vertical units with positive temperature and includes two models:

  • System P93/G - Double glass hinged doors system with gravity self-closing device LOGIK DOORS™
  • System P93/I - Double glass hinged doors system with hydraulic hinge self-closing device LOGIK DOORS™ developed for the soft closing


  1. Excellent visibility of the displayed products.Profiles are made in shockproof RIGID ABS with an internal aluminum core that increases their tightness and their strength.
  2. The absence of external metallic profiles minimizes the thermal dispersion and the condensation on the profiles.
  3. Hinged doors allow the maximum accessibility to the products displayed in the counter, facilitating the operation of loading/unloading and daily cleaning.
  4. The self-closing system ensures the maximum energy saving totally avoiding the possibility that the doors will remain accidentally open after have been used; at the same time an easy-to-use locking system let us keep the doors in opening position during the loading/unloading and cleaning operations.

Technical description:

  • Perimeter profile is made of RIGID ABS, it confers a high shock resistance and it can be assembled with or without vertical mullions.
  • Doors are assembled using a perimeter profile made of RIGID ABS with glued glass on sight.
  • The double glass is composed by:
    • tempered internal glass, with low emissivity treatment, thickness 4mm;
    • “super spacer” thickness 10mm;
    • tempered external glass, thickness 4mm. 
  • The glass spacer will be covered by a serigraphy of 12mm only. The standard color of the serigraphy we propose is RAL7040.
  • The opening handle is made of RIGID ABS and it is screwed to the perimeter frame of the doors ensuring a high tightness keeping at the same time the perfect alignment with the vertical glass serigraphy's thickness, so to minimize the visual impact.
  • Referring System P93/G, beside the gravity system LOGIK DOORS™, the doors closing is ensured by a magnet that always guarantees the total closing; the opening stop is set at 90° for products loading/unloading operations.
  • Referring to System P93/I, The doors closing is actuated by the hydraulic hinge LOGIK DOORS™ that gives the possibility to set the closing speed. The doors keep a constant speed during closing movement avoiding any end-of-stroke shock; the opening stop is set at 90° for products loading/unloading operations. 
  • An optional electric resistance could be installed on the perimeter frame to heat the frame itself and to reduce the condensation even in case of high humidity rate environments or in case of high thermal differences between internal and external side of the counter.
  • A gasket between perimeter frame and counter could be installed to fill any gap between them.