Sliding doors - series P94
System P94

System P94: supported sliding doors with manual or self-closing​

  1. Double glass sliding doors system available with manual or self-closing system.
  2. The P94 System is recommended for the application on vertical units with positive temperature and gives good visibility of the displayed products.
  3. All profiles are made of anodized aluminum and they guarantee higher hygienic standards than all the other materials also making cleaning operations easy.
  4. The sliding opening of the doors avoids the encumbrance of the hinged doors opening making the products very suitable for the installation on narrow spaces or installations on walkways.
  5. The self-closing system ensures the maximum energy saving totally avoiding the possibility that the doors will remain accidentally open after been used

Technical description:

  • The perimeter frame is made of aluminum and it could be provided:
    • with built-in frame;
    • with staff bead frame.
  • The aluminum sliding doors frame are available in two versions:
    • glass with perimeter frame;
    • total view glass, with serigraphy.
  • The double glass is composed by:
    • tempered internal glass, with low emissivity treatment, thickness 4mm;
    • “super spacer” thickness 7mm;
    • tempered external glass, thickness 4mm.
  • The total view glass version foresees a serigraphy on the external glass to cover the double glass spacer. The serigraphy's color will follow the finish of the aluminum profiles, our standard color is RAL7040.
  • The opening handle is an integral part of the doors perimeter frame, for the total view version a glued to the glass handle will be provided.
  • The self-closing version could be provided with an end-of-stroke shock-absorber as an optional feature.
  • On the perimeter frame an electrical resistance can be applied to heat the frame itself and to minimize the condensation.
  • A gasket between perimeter frame and counter could be installed to fill any gap among them.
  • The built in P94 System gives the possibility to canalize more frames.