LOGIK DOORS™ is a NEM srl trademark for the production of sliding and hinged doors suitable for positive temperature cabinets.
The LOGIK DOORS™ products allows to satisfy the widest range of Customers, by responding with attention to each need of use, design and price. The LOGIK DOORS™ solutions allow different applications, from large distribution which requires the use of simple and versatile systems designed to front the most intensive everyday-use, to small stores (such as for example pastries, bakeries and ice-creams shops) where the functionality must be properly accompanied by an increased focus on aesthetic and design that confers an easy insertion of the system in sophisticated and luxury furniture.

LOGIK DOORS™ during the production gives always the highest importance to the materials choice, to the environmental impact, to the energy consumptions and to the recycling of the waste materials coming from the daily processing cycles, combining the quality of the products with the
highest quality of the production processes too.

LOGIK DOORS™ is synonymous with:

  • Greatest quality/price ratio.
  • Systems that allow an extremely simple and quick assembling to the refrigerated unit.
  • Possibility of canalization of more frames of the same system.
  • Pleasant product's aesthetics.
  • Guaranteed functioning and durability.
  • Doors systems with simple and intuitive operations for the final Customer.
  • Quick and easy cleaning operations.

LOGIK DOORS™ is specialized in supplying finished frames complete with glass doors manufactured according to the requested measures. Doors and frames could be supplied as pre-cut and processed profiles kit also, giving in this way the possibility to purchase the glass autonomously.

LOGIK DOORS™ systems are delivered together with a detailed assembling instructions manual.

Thanks to high Customer Service standards, LOGIK DOORS™ guarantees pre and after sales services.