Systems NEM 010 e 013: a successful restyling.
11 May 2015

Newsletter NEM 05/2015-1

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NEM srl

Systems NEM 010 e 013:
a successful restyling.
In the wide range of solutions NEM, we are glad to present today the restyling of two systems considered timeless, always popular because of their low price, the versatility and the aesthetic impact of aluminum components: NEM systems 010 and NEM 013.
NEM 010
After a careful restyling dictated by the most current demands of market and our Customers, the design of these two models is renewed today with a new clamp (Code 010.1600), thus resulting in improved performance and numerous benefits:
  • more modern and minimalist aesthetic impact thanks to smaller dimensions of the new clamp
  • new aluminum caps to ensure better reliability and durability than the previous version in PVC
  • safe clamping of the glass
  • the two profiles composing the new clamp are assembled from the upper side and no longer via lateral sliding, thereby facilitating the assembly / disassembly even in presence of side panels or channeling of the counter that previously were hindering the extraction
  • new LED light canopy (Code 095.0200) to replace the previous solution with T8 fluorescent tubes NEON
Both models are designed both for installation of classic glass "panorama" (double curve), than for the brand new glass R20.
Thanks to the gas ram placed inside the upright, moreover, the exposure area of the products remains totally isolated, with undoubted advantages both in hygienic and aesthetically.
NEM 013
Although the two models have similar uses, the system NEM 013, thanks to its upright with support guide for intermediate shelves, is preferred in those situations where it is necessary to use them. Thanks to the inspectable upright, into which it's possible to access by simple removal of the rear covering profile, maintenance or replacement of the gas rams are feasible with extreme simplicity.

Even the system NEM 010 allows the installation of intermediate shelves by using the profile 070.1865 (supplied as an option), thus becoming an excellent solution in the retail sector not only for counters of delicatessen, butchery, sea food shops and gastronomy, but also for bakery and pastry.

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