New system NEM 078
28 January 2016

Newsletter NEM 01/2016-2

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NEM srl

New system
NEM 078
Introduced in preview at HOST 2015, is now added at our wide range of products the new system NEM 078, the perfect combination of aesthetics, safety, functionality and simplicity.
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NEM 078
  1. patented NEM
  2. the selfstanding profile system NEM 078 mantains the closed position 90 ° without needing upper mechanics (screws, ...)
  3. opening up to 45 ° 
  4. section reduced to the minimum to give maximum space to the glass and to the product visibility
  5. price holder integrated into the system
  6. possibility of single supporting base and clamps modulated according to the lengths of glasses
  7. possibility to mount glass thickness 6 or 8 mm without changing system components
  8. system for adjusting the closing force and positioning all closed
  9. gasket system which enables the glass to not feel the vibrations / shocks during the opening
  10. tested with 7000 cycles of openings and closings
  11. the handle with the glass included is insertable frontally, thus making the assembly easy and intuitive
  12. system of mechanical adjustment for the alignment of the glasses in case of channeling
  13. suitable for every type of counter, whether cold temperature, hot or neutral
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