New system NEM 016: total visibility, total opening and total security
27 November 2014

Newsletter NEM 11/2014-2

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NEM srl
New system NEM 016:
total visibility, total opening and
total security.
The high visibility of products is a market requirement common to large part of the counters currently commercialized. Matching this feature with safety and design is the goal that NEM has set itself in the development of the new model NEM 016, a lift up opening system for linear glass that presents unique features of its kind.
System NEM 016
Versatile on any type of counter: NEM 016 system can be assembled on each type of counter, from the bakery to the butcher's shop. Its conformation allows the direct installation at the counter or on uprights, both NEM brand that produced by the Customer. The model NEM 016 is proposed in silver finish or brill (steel effect), the length of the cases is customizable by a minimum of 265 mm to a maximum of 350 mm.

Rear uprights and glass R20, total visibility: NEM 016 was created as overstructure on which to apply the new "R20", glass single 6 or 8 mm with curving radius of 20mm fitting with horizontal support. This glass applied to the system with rear uprights gives the counter a total visibility of the products. The glass, thanks to its shape, does not allow refractions and distortions and doesn't need additional working, near the hinges notching is not necessary.
The special lateral cases allow the installation of a rear top glass getting a "glass cube" effect.
NEM system 016
Total opening, total security: the new system NEM 016 guarantees a glass opening to about 130°, allowing comfortable and safe cleaning and loading operations. The particular system of gas rams allows easy opening and a smooth closure avoiding any possible crash.
System NEM 016
Built-in-gas rams: the gas rams when glass is closed are fully inserted into the cases, thus avoiding any contact between the products on counter and the gas rams. This solution also gives an important aesthetic effect to the whole structure.
Easy to order: the NEM 016 system consists of a small number of components. The cases are supplied assembled and complete with piston and hinges. Order the system NEM 016 is extremely easy and quick for our Customer.
The system 016 is added to the wide range of opening solutions proposed by NEM viewable to our website

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