NEM presents: LOGIK DOORS, hinged doors P92
11 February 2016

Newsletter LOGIK DOORS by NEM - 02/2016-1

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New hinged doors 
mod. P92
LOGIK DOORS is glad to introduce today the new model of
hinged doors for positive temperature P92.
Designed to accurately respond to all aesthetic, functionality and energy saving needs, the new doors
LOGIK DOORS P92 are a great combination of quality and price.
hinged doors P92
  • Double glass hinged doors with gravity self-closing system LOGIK DOORS.
  • System P92 is suitable for the application on vertical cabinets with positive temperature and gives wide products visibility thanks to the absence of bulky perimetrical frames.
  • Assembling P92 to the cabinet is easy and quick and thanks to its smart settings tools the functioning and the durability are guaranteed.
  • Best quality/price ratio.
System P92 - technical data:
  • The perimetrical frame is composed by aluminum wrapped by PVC and the hinged doors are assembled with a perimetrical aluminum frame
  • Double glass are glued to the perimetrical frame and are composed as follows: internal tempered glass with low-emissivity treatment thickness 4mm, central spacer “warm edge” thickness 10mm, external tempered glass with serigraphy thickness 4mm
  • The external glass serigraphy is made to cover the central spacer
  • The handgrips are customizable and you can choose between glued on glass or screwed on frame side
  • In close position, the door is kept tight by an end-of-stroke magnet and by the gravity system LOGIK DOORS itself
  • The vertical stiffening profiles are in aluminum and a 24V LED lighting system can ben comfortably assembled on them
  • The products design is pleasant and allows very easy and quick cleaning operations
  • We are specialized in supplying complete doors with double glass assembled according to the Customers requested measures
  • Frames and doors can be supplied in very useful kit with cut and processed profiles allowing the Customer to purchase double glass independently
For any further information on technical details and/or prices, please contact us: our offices are at your disposal!