NEM: news and innovative prototyping
08 January 2015

Newsletter NEM 01/2015-1

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NEM srl

NEM: news and innovative prototyping
Rapidity innovation, precision and customization: these are the key words of the laboratory of
Research & Development of NEM,
which is now enhanced by two new tools.

Pass from design to 3D printing without additional steps means first increase the precision and speed of product development, ensuring the final result without loss of time. By monitoring and verifying in real time projects, in fact, you have the ability to analyze in detail their functionality or any critical encountered during the production cycle by correcting ongoing, thus ensuring increasing quality and accuracy and reducing not only the processing times and study, but also the costs.
With the all-new 3D PRINTER Nem applies the possibility of producing pre-series independently, starting from a project of the Customer or a project NEM, providing a greater level of customization without the high costs and time of equipment.

Having a work area with a diameter of 150mm with the possibility of operate pieces up to 200mm high, our new LASER MARKER allows the realization of any design or custom logo required by our customer.
Being able to accurately mark on various materials, such as metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), paper, wood and plastic, it adapts itself flexibly to multiple uses, ensuring a marking precise, repeatable and a safe aesthetic result even more durable in time.
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