NEM 061: functionality, aesthetics and quality at competitive prices
05 February 2015

Newsletter NEM 02/2015-1

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NEM srl
NEM 061:
functionality, aesthetics and quality at competitive prices.
To an international Market that constantly demands innovative solutions that combine the best aesthetics, functionality and quality at very competitive prices, NEM responds with the system 061, which is today renewed and even more powerful and competitive.
NEM 061
The system NEM 061, similar in design to our popular 067, was born for the lift up opening of linear glasses 6mm for large retailers, resulting in fact, thanks to some differences, extremely cheaper then 067.
Designed for the construction of linear counters, the system can be completed with angular counters both open and closed, made possible by special uprights for corners and their related accessories.
Obtaining the same opening angle of the front glass for both linear modules that for those angular, cleaning and loading/unloading of the counters are feasible with absolute ease.
Optimized clamp profile for fixing the glass, which now guarantees a better closure of the counter itself, thus implementing the thermal stability and reducing the possibility of accidental fall of objects within the counter (for example coins).
NEM 061
The new connectors give an excellent final aesthetic result, and allow a more simple but precise alignment of the components, thus reducing assembly time of the structure, with considerable advantage in terms of costs.

Responding with a very attractive price to the most current needs of the market, the system 061, thanks to its wide range of accessories, turns out to be a complete solution and an optimal balance between quality and price.

The system NEM 061 adds to the wide range of solutions NEM that you can see by visiting our website

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